World News Company brings besides Dutch and Spanish also English-language news for free.

Every day news from the world free on your web / radio station. This is unique because there are no suppliers who do that! There are some restrictions, there are only 2 updates per day, the bulletin consists of 3 messages, there is no weather and no headlines and no upload at the weekend. We call this the FREE News.

For the more professional radio producer and / or local broadcasting is the PRO News and PREMIUM News.

PRO News and PREMIUM News is world news including the weather. The package also contains extra weather and news headlines, This can be programmed every half hour.  The news is refreshed every hour, 7 days a week, including weekends.

PRO News is with – and PREMIUM News, without WNC promo and audiobed, so you can use your own stationjingle and name.

If you are interested in one of these services click on the button “package deal”  for further explanation.

If you would like to test the Pro News or PREMIUM News for 4 weeks you can fill in the application form.

The example on the website is no current news.  Are you interested in our up-to-date services?  Please complete the application fully.  You will receive the personal link of your choice, FREE News or the link of the PRO News or PREMIUM News.