Download WNC News downloader


By using NewsLoader you can easily download audiofiles via http.

You can use this program to download the news from World News Company.


NewsLoader options


When you start up the program for the first time, you need to fill in the NewsLoader options:

Destination folder: Here you can choose where to store the audio files, you can also choose a network location.



NewsLoader Tasks


In the Task screen you can add new tasks, delete and modify them.


Forced download


When you choose this option, you can select one of the tasks.

Choose a task and press the Download Now button, after 5 seconds the download will start.



NewsLoader task


If you are going to add or change the command you must fill in the following data:

Taskname:                   Enter a unique name that you come up with.

Download address:    Enter the address of the downloading file.
(For example:

Filename:                     Enter the new name of the file in the way it should ultimately be saved.

Active:                         You can select if the command must be active.

Download time:           You can select the hours, when the download must be active.

Minutes:                       Select the minutes of the hour on which the download has to take place.

Registered Version

Newsloader is freeware, an full functional. You can use it for 5 downloads on a day.

When you will unlimited downloads you must purchase a license. After purchasing a license, you receive a license registration key that allows you to convert  Newsloader to registered mode.